Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Motivate Me

Not a great start to my second year at uni, been back 3weeks and haven't really knuckled down as much as i'd have hoped! But i'm loving life at the moment, my friends, my house and just my life in general! This image i created is based on this feeling i'm having at the moment the highs and the lows of right now.

P.s also it's a huge symbol to my best friend Charles Robinson, where the magpie has been his favourite bird for ages and recently to symbolise his love for his girlfriend, and her love for him, they both got a tattoo of a magpie, 'Two for Joy'. Also Chaz has always been there for me since the day we met, together we are a TEAM, doing everything together including cycling to amsterdam (900 miles) during the summer. So when ever i see a magpie i also think of him and at the moment i've been seeing a lot of them out of my bedroom window, i don't normally believe in signs but at the moment as my life is 50/50 i can always rely on my best bud.